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90 Min. Return to Wellness Consultation

90 Min. Return to Wellness Consultation

This is a 90 minute consultation.

This consultation will be focussed on gathering your history and information.  Should you wish to forward any previous medical investigations, consults, or labwork please feel free to do so.


There will be some education around how circadian principles and quantum biology practices influence health and disease.


We will then address certain changes to be tailored to your lifestyle and habits, and any modifications necessary to start with in your particular circumstance.

The consultation is a starting point 


Ideally several follow up sessions 3-4 weeks apart would be most beneficial to allow time for changes to take place and to discover what is working and what needs to be modified.  


The follow up sessions are 45 minutes long.


There is a choice of 4 or 6 follow up sessions as a bundle. 

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