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About Rachel

I am a Canadian Medical Doctor who worked as an Anesthesiologist for 20 years in Canada. I have left the practice of conventional medicine in pursuit of helping people heal from the root causes of disease rather than only treating symptoms.

With almost 30 years experience in the western medical system, I realized the holes and gaps in mainstream medicine and changed the course of my learning. I have gathered together the skills that have been most beneficial for me and created a tool box from which I draw from based on your needs. I have recently become uniquely trained in an innovative method called Holographic Memory Resolution®. This method taps into our ability for self healing, and is gentle, fast, and powerful.  You will thus get the benefit of my years of education and experience in conventional medicine, as well as the extensive research and experiential learning of alternative approaches.  

I offer an individualized approach, aimed at identifying and targeting the root cause of the issue at hand, while providing a safe and supportive environment for you to allow healing to take place. I can guide you through simple, fast, and effective methods, that you can learn easily for powerful self healing.

Rachel Maurice photo sitting on couch

Education & Certifications

Bachelor of Science in Microbiology and Immunology 1989-1993
McGill University Montreal Quebec
Medical Degree 1993-1997
University of British Columbia Vancouver B.C.
Anesthesiology Residency FRCPC 1997-2002
University of Alberta Edmonton AB
Reiki 1st and 2nd Degrees 2020
Certified Breatheology Breathwork instructor 2021
Breatheology certified instructor program with Stig Severinsen
Breath Mastery Fundamentals 2021
O2 Collective, Dan Brule

Heart Math Clinical Certification for health professionals 
ongoing since Nov. 2021
Certificate of Medical Intuition 2021
ICMI ( International College of Medical Intuition Inc. )
FFSS- Freedom From Self Sabotage Coach 2022
Certified Christoff Self Sabotage Coach 
Certified Cancer Prevention Coach 2022
Wheel of Life Academy 
Certified Real Self Emotional Healing 2022
Wheel of Life Academy

Holographic Memory Resolution® Practitioner 2022

Applied Quantum Biology Practitioner 2023
Institute of Applied Quantum Biology, certified October 2023

Shadow on the Wall

True healing begins when we realize there is nothing wrong with us in the 1st place. We are designed to repair ourselves.   Once we stop overwhelming our system with poisons, including toxic thoughts, we will thrive!

- Rachel Maurice MD -

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