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Luminous Healing Offering

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Luminous Healing®

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What is Luminous Healing?

It is the framework for how I will guide and support you on your journey back to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. The session can last up to 90 min. This is a client led approach, thus the final duration will be up to you.  It will consist of some teaching while experiencing the approach(es) explained in the consult. 

Holographic Memory Resolution (HMR®) is a technique that is integral to my Luminous Healing® process.  HMR®  enables you to gain access to unpleasant or traumatic memories that have been stored in your body and are impacting your physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual health. These stored memories drain power from your system and obstruct the free flow of energy, which is necessary for vitality. Through the language of the subconscious, HMR® is able to access those memories and assist you to release the charge and reframe the memory, reclaiming the energy for healing and growth.  To find out more about HMR® click here.

All that is required of you is your willingness to participate in the process; the rest will happen naturally as your subconscious acts as your guide. You won't have to relive any upsetting memories since you will be anchored in safety from the beginning.  This power can now be used to reclaim your vitality thanks to the release of energy from the memories that have been stored in your body and meridians.

Sessions & Packages

New clients, please choose the 1 hr Luminous Consultation.

An overview about HMR

Holographic Memory Resolution® is a new mind-body approach that facilitates access to past memories and helps to resolve the painful emotions associated with these events without having to re-live such experiences and without affecting historical memory.

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