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I took a session with Rachel on December 2nd, 2022.  Although I am educated in healthy living practices, I still have my addictions.  I also have some recurring dreams about being late for many different events. I've never really had a professional look into these deeper issues for me. It was obvious that these two issues were trapped in certain parts of my body as pain, as Rachel's expertise pinpointed quickly.  I could literally feel those pain syndromes turning off and on as Rachel targeted my memories and worked her magic.  Because of Rachel I now have a thought blueprint that can help me rework and reframe these trapped emotions, which were igniting pain in two important parts of my body.  I loved the knowledge, the healing and Rachel's beautifully handling of my spirit during this therapy session.


Jason Christoff

Master Self Sabotage Coach

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Jason Christoff photo sitting on couch

I came to Rachel with chronic tension in my neck.  She guided me through the HMR process, and I felt a noticeable improvement in my neck as a result that has lasted. Rachel is professional, caring, a great listener, and she guided me through such a deep process in a way that was easy to follow.  Definitely recommended.


Lisa Berkovitz

PV, Mexico

Lisa Berkovitz headshot photo

Rachel gave me a session in which I felt her present, deeply caring and non judgemental. she was so loving and I felt safe.  She gifted me with as much time as I needed to go deep into the internal work.  Later on, I could enjoy interacting with a normally very triggering relative, which this time triggered me only around 5% of what she used to.  I have been doing lots of work on this, and I think Rachel's session contributed to this healthier me!  I am very thankful.

Victoria Abdelnur, MD 

Emotional Health, Trauma Therapy

Yelapa, Mexico

Victoria Abdelnur headshot photo

My sessions with Rachel have on each occasion, been a journey to my much younger self.  I would say I'm not usually a suggestible person, mostly over thinking everything which is why I wondered if I'd be one of the only people on which this technique may not work. I live in my head, which was actually what my 1st session aimed at addressing.  Rachel has a gift of holding space so beautifully.  I felt secure and safe, to allow myself to let whatever came up be expressed, no matter how 'silly' it may have seemed.  The sessions flowed as she collected relevant pieces and walked me through the different stages. I had complete confidence in her peaceful, calm guidance.  I do feel that there has been a subtle shift bringing more presence and gratitude and noticing more joyful moments.  I highly recommend working with Rachel.


Suzanne Young

Holistic Functional Practitioner FDN-P

Certified integrative Nutrition Health Coach (INHC)

Certified Professional Cancer Coach Nutritional & Lifestyle Oncology (IAPCC)


Suzanne Young headshot photo

My session with Rachel totally transformed a relationship with a family member.  Prior to the session, I was often triggered by their behaviour and felt angry and resentful in their presence.  In the days and weeks following my treatment, I noticed a transformative shift, where  I was no longer triggered by their behaviour, and felt a lot more compassion for my family member, as well as having the confidence to navigate the relationship with more grace.  Rachel has a genuine passion for health and healing, offers a safe space, compassion, as well as wealth of experience and knowledge.  She cares, and it comes through in her treatments.  I have tried a number of different healing modalities, though what Rachel offers is truly unique and effective.  I would highly recommend Rachel's treatment, for anyone on the path to wellness, better health and happier life. 

Nicole Bauche

Forest Roots Consulting

B.C., Canada

My session with Rachel helped me move through feelings of frustration, disappointment, fear, sadness and grief.  By the end of our session my heart felt lighter and I felt more centred and confident navigating the situation I was facing, which before then had felt like a nearly insurmountable mountain. 

Natalie Peace-Young

Business Owner

B.C., Canada

I did 2 holographic therapy sessions with Rachel.  I wasn’t sure what to expect before our discussion, but she made me feel very comfortable.  She has a calming way about her and has the patience to describe how the sessions would go.


She has a great way of explaining how trauma works and affects us, and it was easy to understand as well as educational.  She also gave me some insightful practices to work on after our sessions.  She is very knowledgeable and I will be looking forward to having more sessions with her in the near future.

Bryce Cluett, CCSS
Coach, Crypto educator, trader and investor

Edmonton, AB, Canada

I knew I could release barriers and negative anchors long ago.  I could meditate a toothache away without a procedure. I wasn't healing completely.  Rachel Maurice blessed me.  She gave me back pieces of myself that were fragmented and lost. 

After using her therapy for a few months, my health and well-being have improved.  I like that I can attend the treatment sessions from home, and they're involved and engaging.  When going deep into aspects of yourself that have been sleeping, being in your own environment is relaxing. 

Rachel Maurice is knowledgeable, compassionate, and patient.  She helped me work through some difficulties that weren't serving me.  This non-invasive, medication-free therapy was very effective in helping me process and work through difficult emotions.  

I highly recommend this holographic therapy to anyone looking for a holistic and effective solution for their health concerns.

This holographic technique has improved significantly my happiness and well-being.  I've found the holographic visualizations to be powerful in helping me process and work through challenging emotions. 

Reena Prasad

Digital Entrepreneur 

B.C. Canada

Reena Prasad headshot photo

A huge shout out to Rachel who is helping people recover mentally, physically and emotionally. Thank you again for your magical remedy and your support.  It truly is an incredible process to understand how unprocessed emotions get stuck in the body and how often this is the root cause of dis-ease.

Since my session with Rachel the tension in my body has released and I felt an immediate shift.  Rachel also took the time to understand my issues before starting the healing process.  I would highly recommend Rachel for a treatment for anyone who wants to cure the root of their physical, mental , and emotional health and not just the symptoms .

Theresa Greenwood

Certified Bodytalk Practitioner

Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner

B.C., Canada

Rachel is an incredibly gifted healer, with strong intuition as well as incredible depth and breadth of knowledge and skills to help her clients find and shift the root cause of their health issues.  The therapy Rachel used is a powerful modality that really addresses the psycho-emotional aspect of disease.  I greatly benefitted from working Rachel and I would highly recommend her work to anyone!

Melissa Crawford


Nelson, BC, Canada

Melissa Crawford headshot photo

Before my session with Rachel I was really struggling in the throes of parenthood.  I was always high stress and in constant anxiety.  I had talked with a councillor a few times and found that I was constantly ‘catastrophizing’ situations with my kids, and ultimately acting in anger as a result of my anxiety.  My youngest child was extremely clingy and constantly whining for mom, to the point where I was completely worn out and mentally exhausted.  I went into my session in hopes that I could heal this area in me that was causing me to always see the worst case scenario and live in constant anxiety.  


I came out of the session healing a piece of my heart I truly didn’t know that needed attention let alone healing and I found forgiveness in myself as a parent.  It was a strange experience but one I would do again in a second.  Since then my reaction to situations is calm and level headed.  My anxiety is much less and my youngest child is honestly a new kid!  She is still a mom suck but the difference in her is such that people comment on the change they see.  There's still work to be done but I honestly feel this was the start I've been searching for.


Alora Harper

Mother of three

Alora Harper and her 3 children photo
Shadow on the Wall

Let your energy infuse the words you speak rather than the words dictating the energy you receive.

- Rachel Maurice MD -

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