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90 Min. Luminous Healing Session

90 Min. Luminous Healing Session

Sessions can be in person or remote via Zoom.
Remote sessions are equally as effective and in fact preferred by many clients.


A Luminous Healing session are 90 minutes long. 

Each individual brings a unique set of circumstances, experiences and memories, and thus the sessions are individualized and tailor made to each person.

During a session, you will be sitting comfortably in a chair, and if in person, I will be making light contact on the back of your neck, with consent. This is one method to anchor you in safety as well as enhancing memory access to the subconscious.

You will be anchored in safety in two other ways from the beginning so any memories that surface will not have to be relived.Your eyes will be closed to help facilitate the alpha and theta brainwave states which is how the subconscious will be accessed.  I will be asking you a series of questions which will bring your subconscious memories to your conscious mind through your body feelings.

Your body will guide you as to what needs attention and in which priority.  Once you are consciously aware of these memories, this is where I guide you to complete what was missing which creates wholeness of the memory, and allows the charge to be released from the body.  You decide the length of the session by how you feel, up to 2 hours.  Immediately after a session, you may feel tired, so I recommend booking a session at a time when you can rest afterwards.

You may also feel:
*Increased energy
*A release of pain or tension
*Less anxiety
*Increased physical mobility
*Improved sleep
*Less stress
*Reduction in physical symptoms
*Increased mental clarity and awareness

You will be given some simple steps to follow for the days and week after.

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